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Mykonos is a wonderful juxtaposition between simple traditional life and a glamorous jet set lifestyle.

By the 1950s the island was already 'the' fashionable destination of celebrities, including many distinguished movie stars, singers, politicians and royals. Its legendary parties have became some of the hottest events of the year.
Tale has it that the rocks have a unique energy capable of soothing the soul and lightening the mood the minute you set foot on the island. Today, Mykonos is an island full of hidden gems; some are known and other are yet to be discovered…

Every building, every beach, every rock, has its story to tell…

Mykonos, with its typically white-washed Cycladic architecture and wonderfully wind and sea-swept coastline, boasts nearly 70 beaches with crystal clear waters.

The island was voted “The Best European Island of the Year” by the readers of Conde Nast Traveler, surpassing Ibiza, Capri, Madera and Majorca.

For us, Mykonos is the “art of living Beyond Spaces”... It is an island full of authentic moments .... Whether you are touring the Chora and discovering hidden treasures in the narrow alleys, visiting quaint churches, browsing stylish shops, sailing away to emerald green waters and or even discovering historical elements in the adjacent island of Delos, Mykonos has something for everyone.

Share our obsession for the exceptional with your friends and family and let us create moments and everlasting memories you wish to replicate again and again…

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