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Paros offers vivid recollections beyond spaces. Think of Venus de Milo, as she stands out in the Louvre. The eternally preserved beauty was carved, back in the Hellenistic period, from Paros’s world-famous marble. 

Belonging to the Cyclades island group, in the centre of the Aegean Sea, Paros had already made its name in the Early Cycladic Period. Ancient sites and even age-old quarries attest to its status as a maritime power and a hub of commerce, while churches dating back to the Byzantine times, and ruins of castles built by the Venetians make for a vivid historical mosaic.

Today, Paros, located in close proximity to the islands of Antiparos, Naxos and Mykonos, has become a traveler guide’s dream with its golden beaches, its exquisite display of Cycladic architecture and its vivid nightlife.

White-washed houses with their typical flat roofs, blue windows, narrow cobbled-stone allays, and traditional windmills, all lead to Paroikia, the island’s capital and the site of the ancient capital Paros.

A true ‘centre’ and the island’s main harbour, Paroikia balances all the hustle and bustle with panache. A tower and part of a wall remain from the 13th century Venetian castle or kastro, built with building materials provided by the ruins of an ancient temple.

Impossible to miss, the magnificent church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (Our Lady of the Hundred Gates) is one of the finest models of a proto-Byzantine church existing in Greece, also housing the Byzantine Museum.

Probably one of the most picturesque fishing villages in the Aegean Sea, Naoussa is a veritable pièce de résistance. The light glitters on the red and navy-blue old fishing boats, as they moor in the scenic harbor, while the old fishermen’s storehouses-turned-taverns offer fresh fish and chilled white wine.

Days are carelessly spent by the sea, as Naoussa is close to some of the most beautiful beaches in Paros, including Kolimbithres, with its intriguing rock formations, Santa Maria, and Monastiri. At night, the vibe changes and the place beams with anticipation. Catering to the young and the young at heart, here is a cosmopolitan nightlife, complete with fashionable restaurants and trendy bars.     

In Paros, there are always treasures to uncover. Piso Livadi, Drios, and Golden Beach are home to amazing beaches, villas to die for, and unrivalled fish taverns serving local food. From surfing to kite surfing to trekking and cycling, there is always a picturesque view to pass by, walk through, cycle by or fly over.

Then all the motion stops and tranquility sets in. The traditional villages of Lefkes, Prodromos, and Marpissa, with their small white houses, jasmine-filled courtyards, and pristine alleyways are ideal for winding down.

Paros awakes the senses and brightens the soul. Soak in the sun, hop on a fishing boat, or light a candle in a small whitewashed church. Then, return to one of the Beyond Spaces villas, where more beauty and new experiences await you.

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