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Santorini is a beyond spaces volcano of an island.
Revealed by BBC travel as one of the world’s best islands, Santorini is a true wonder of nature, probably the only volcano in the world with its caldera in the sea.

Resembling an open-air natural history museum, this extraordinary island and its four neighboring islets, were formed by one of the biggest volcanic eruptions in recorded history, in the late 17th century B.C.

A truly unique geological find, Santorini continues to amaze with its surreal beauty.

Fira, the island’s capital, emerges right on the edge of the caldera, between the sea and the sky. Walk through the narrow cobbled streets and take in the rare landscape, as white-washed houses appear to be hanging from the cliff.

Stop to enjoy the views over the multicoloured cliffs, which are breathtaking. Simply unmissable, the Museum of Prehistoric Thera showcases objects and frescoes of exceptional artistry from the well-known excavations in Akrotiri, a thriving cosmopolitan merchant harbor before the volcanic explosion.

With stunning views to match Fira, Firostefani is only a ten minute walk on a single white-cliff street. Ideal for winding down, its traditional vaulted cave houses, built in the cliff, are quite the invention. 

For the islanders, Imerovigli, the next stop along the caldera, is the so-called “balcony of Santorini”. As the sun sets, the neighbouring islands of Ios, Sikinos and Folegandros emerge in all their splendour.

Step in the church of Panagia Maltese, renowned for its old wooden icon screen. Go no further than Oia to immerse in the Aegean’s most photographed village.

Faithful to the traditional architectural style, Oia exudes bright white and blue magnificence. In the evening, the Oia sunset, glorious in its range of orange and red, is eagerly marveled at, from staircases and white-washed fences, the town’s windmill or the old kastro, castle.

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