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Spetses will seduce you with its beyond spaces charm.
Spetses exudes cosmopolitanism at its most refined. Located in the Saronic Gulf, it is an idyllic get away for international travelers, a mere two hours away from Athens.

With its unique atmosphere, Spetses entices you the moment you set foot on the island. Its picturesque harbor and quay showcase a long and prosperous maritime tradition, surrounded as they are by handsome 18th and 19th century mansions built by the wealthy sea captains who made the island their home.
The town spreads along the graceful coast between Dapia, the new harbor and center of activity par excellence, and the Old Port with its scenic beauty. 

Bougainvillea, hibiscus, plumbago, jasmine and trumpet vines thrive everywhere, spangling white walls with pink, mauve, red, baby blue and orange petals.

As you walk down the stone-paved alleys to get to one of the trendy bars or charming restaurants, the horse-drawn carriages, the island’s emblematic means of transport, will pass you by.

With car circulation restricted, this is a unique opportunity to get on your bike and explore.

The island inside is full of treasures, be they the old villas hidden in their lush environments or the beaches beaming with fun.

Spetses is the right place to see and to be seen. Enjoy a long coffee in the chic cafés, soak in the sun in a private boat, or simply walk around in your big, black sunglasses.

Then return to one of the Beyond Spaces villas, where more beauty and new experiences await you.

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