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Tinos is a beyond spaces spiritual island.

A place of pilgrimage and worship, Tinos owes its unique place in the Greek psyche thanks to the Church of Panayia Meyalohari, Great Grace, also known as the Church of Evangelistria of Tinos, Our Lady of Good Tidings.

Imposing upon the Chora, the island’s capital, the Church dedicated to an icon of Virgin Mary discovered in 1823, stands out with its two-story arcade and bookend staircases.

Thousands of pilgrims arrive each year, particularly on the 15th of August, the day of the assumption of the Virgin, to kneel in front of the miraculous little icon of Panayia and seek comfort.

Located between Andros and Mykonos, Tinos has beaches to match and perhaps some of the most well-preserved villages in all of the Cyclades.

Each of the villages is a revelation. A strong tradition of marble carving is to be admired in chapels, fountains, arches and sculptures, particularly in Pyrgos, the village that some of Greece’s greatest artists, Gyzis, Lytras, Chalepas, Filippotis and Sohos, call their own.

The white splendor of the material blends well with typical Cycladic architecture. Whitewashed narrow alleys, neat houses and picturesque churches create a serene environment, where fuchsia-coloured bougainvilleas overflowing through walls and balconies add the right dose of intensity.

Amidst the countryside, hundreds of dovecotes resembling tiny fortresses are well preserved and worth an exploration. With their geometrical patterns, they attract the doves, whose systematic breeding began with the Venetians in the 18th century.

Tinos is a spiritual island, where your inner self can find repose.  Light a candle in one of its churches, swim in a secluded bay or weave a basket with the hospitable Tinians.

Then return to one of the Beyond Spaces villas, where more beauty and new experiences await you.

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